Healthy Waterways Waterwatch Program

What is Waterwatch?

Healthy Waterways Waterwatch is a free, fun and hands-on river education program that supports community members, schools and businesses to be actively involved in monitoring and protecting the health of our rivers and creeks.

Find out about your local creek

To find out more about Healthy Waterways Waterwatch in your local area, or for information on the health of your local river or creek, click on the map below.

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Frog Census 2012-13 flyer

Join the Frog Census Program – across Melbourne

Interested in learning about local frogs? Join the Frog Census and help us find which frog species live where across the Melbourne Region. Come to an information night and find out how you can help complete our frog puzzle! Find out when an information session is happening in your area. Visit for more information or email to register your interest.

Creating Healthy Waterways, Creating Western Ports

Creating Healthy Waterways, Creating Western Port

While many of the Waterwatch crew are out and about monitoring our waterways by scientific means, there is an emerging crowd of artistic monitors gracing our waterways and our walls! You too can be part of this project, drawing together artistic works of Western Port to add to our knowledge and celebration… read more.